Lisa MacDonald, Artist

Lisa MacDonald

A Short Bio

I have always enjoyed sketching but my drawings lacked dimension and depth so I invested in an on-line art course with Cindy Wider at to improve my skills in 2009. The course helped me to flesh out my sketches but it also kindled a passion for painting that I didn't know existed. The last two courses included color mixing and creating a first original painting in acrylic. After that I was hooked!

My first love is realism or as close to it as I can get - I am definitely detail oriented! In my opinion, when you look closely at a work of art, it is wonderful to discover fine details that are not obvious at first glance.

Sometimes I play around with abstract art or minimalism but I always seem to return to more realistic scenes.

Sometimes I draw in willow charcoal which in some ways is similar to painting in that you can work the charcoal with cotton baton, Q-tips, paper towels, sponges, among many other items to etch out a scene.

In some ways I am preserving some of nature's beauty in a world that seems otherwise to be spiraling out of control and in chaos. Imagine the destruction of some of the creations most excellent places due to war. I would prefer to depict peace, beauty, serenity and in some ways idyllic places and moments in time.

Recent Works of Art

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