Welcome to Lisa MacDonald's Acrylic Gallery of Landscape with Buildings

Boathouse featuring dock and a couple of small boats
Boathouse featuring Hamilton Island east of Cornwall
The Getaway
A landscape featuring the Martintown Grist Mill, Martintown, ON
A landscape featuring a gas station/garage from the 1970s
A landscape featuring a cabin and a row boat near a lake under pine trees
A landscape featuring brightly painted houses and a bench surrounding a tree
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
The old McPhaddon General Store Martintown Ontario
Abandoned House
St. Regis Presbyterian Church now empty
Bow Bridge
Serene Gateway
Flagstone buildings
A safe harbour
A dock
Bridge near Webster's Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
peggy's cove village
peggy's cove lighthouse
A shed covered with vines and surrounded by brush
Hotel and Spa